Saturday, December 30, 2006

Wishes etc...

The question, always, is: Should I or shouldnt I? Buy pirated DVDs, I mean.
Sometimes the ethics thing worries me, but mostly the prices of originals worry me too. And more often than not, I capitulate.
That said, I still wonder and dither. I so love the movies and in my penury, piracy is the only solace.
Aw, blast! It's not the season to be talking of piracy or penury. Compliments of the season, folks, I'll postpone pondering about my vices to later... Bring on the bubbly!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy New Year and all that!
And dontcha dream of scrapping the blog....
Here's to a great new year (shall I have ur share of Moet Chandon as well? Will you be nice and mail K that you asked me to?)

2:42 am

Blogger None said...


happy new year and all that... about the blog, surely, it's alive as we let 2007 in! :)
aye, u can have my share of the moet, but i might not have been so generous were we discussing chardonnay! :)


8:11 pm


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