Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bajji on the beach

Fancy some piping hot molaga bajjis? So hot that the steam rushes out into the darkness of the night the moment you bite into it? Chilli Bajjis bright red in the light of the hurricane lamp; crunchy; the taste of the light smear of masala on the chilli emerging as you reach the fleshy middle; the stem smothered in flour too; deep fried in oil boiling in a huge vat on a kerosene stove; salty, yes, but not from the sea. Molaga bajjis on the beach! Ah!
I had my fill yesterday. :)



Blogger hari said...

Hey Ramya,

Wow. Perfect weather condition for the perfect beach delicacy.And here I am still waiting to have hot bonda and sizzling hot coffee with you. Did you atleast think of me, even if for a second, while having the hot bajjis?

9:50 am

Blogger None said...

hari, my dear man, i absolutely thought of you while having my bajjis! :)


11:36 am

Blogger i, me and my bullet said...

No better way to describe a bajji.hahah

ramya, have u had meals at MTR in Bangalore??The best bisi bela i have ever had...It was worth waiting 30 mins to go get a seat there.

11:43 am

Anonymous pincode shek said...

Reminds me of the Elliots beach bloggers meet in 2005(I wasnt there,but given the way the details were posted,I felt like I was very much there)

11:03 pm

Anonymous The Desi Nole said...

You guys are making me hungry now.

12:23 am

Anonymous WA said...

Yaaraiyo verupethuradhukkaaga potta post maadhiri irukke idhu :)But so nicely written though

3:59 am

Blogger Thenraj said...

Bhajiis are mouth watering stuffs..but already there are enough water in the sea i just want to enjoy the taste of the green ooty chilli..

12:30 pm

Blogger None said...


bisibela at MTR? that's about the only thing that i've not eaten... strange... considering i was living in b'lore for a year!


o yeah, did remind me of that too... how did symbi go?

desi nole,

praps I should've put in a statutory warning: Reading on an empty stomach may be injurious to health! :)


vanga vanga... adutha dhaba intha side vantheengana, very unhealthy molaga bajji beachanda naan vangi tharen... promise! :)


do the chillies come from ooty? well, i dint know that...


2:56 pm

Blogger Mahadevan said...

Crunchy molaga bhajji on the Marina Beach -my shirt is wet with oozing saliva.

5:02 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

molaga bajji - all i could think of is my college days when i and my friend make it a point to go to "ther adi" of kabali kovil in mylapore. have you guys heard abt "ther adi" molaga bajji kadai! you just cant beat it!

3:41 am

Blogger None said...


whoooops! :)


yeah, i've heard my mom and frends from mylapore talk of it...


1:33 pm

Blogger Shyam said...

Talk about cruel and unusual punishment...!!! Rums, I wont thank you for putting that image in my head :(

But nice description, very!

10:30 pm

Anonymous Prasad said...

U got me all hungry now!!!!

6:06 pm

Blogger yogesh said...

Very nice description. :-'

Here in Pune we get 2 types of veg bhaji
1. khekaDa bhaji (it litterally means scorpion bhaji... it looks like a scorpion... but it is veggie stuff.. has lots of onions)
2. chendu bhaji (it has a shape of small ball.. onion is relatively less copared to type 1)
3. bataTa bhaji (made up of potato)

I think the variety you had will be of type 2

11:01 am

Blogger None said...


come, let's have bajji on the beach. if ur system can take it now... u think?


but did u get to eat bajji?


yeah, type 2, just lightly spiced long green chillies dipped in batter and fried... :)


1:18 pm

Blogger Lotus Reads said...

Oooooooooh, I envy you those delicious bhajjis, ramya! I'd have to drive atleast 60 mins to get bhajjis and they could never compare to what you describe!

8:31 pm

Blogger Lotus Reads said...

Oooooooooh, I envy you those bajjis Ramya! I'd have to drive atleast an hour to get bajjis and they would in no way be anywhere near as delicious as you described!

Which beach was this?

8:38 pm

Anonymous Sathya said...

:(( Am missing the beach big time in Bangalore :((
I have to go to mangalore atleast for the beach :((
And bajjis wouldnt hurt either... :((


9:09 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ramya,

Stumbled on your blog from one of my friends. Good that I did . It brought me old memories of Besant nagar beach... bajji garlands dripping with oil are always good to see and eat :-)


4:48 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ramya, newbie here...
Your post happens to be the inspiration for me, now to start preparing Bajji and Sundel at home ...the ultimate beach delights. Thanks!!!


4:43 pm

Blogger None said...


what are u reading now?


man, long while? where are u and what are u upto these days?


thanks. am afraid there's not been much activity here of late! but it can just get better,eh?


yay! and then you can send me one parcel! :)


1:25 pm


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