Saturday, May 26, 2007

Show me the MoNe

Don't ask me how I did it, you might regret it. But the good news is currently, I've GPRS on my phone and can access this site from there...After just two days of doing in some centuries ago, I guess you could say I was smitten! And, it's all on my Sony Ericsson K 700i mobile, no fancy Blackberry!
Download speed's pretty good and except for some graphics-intensive sites, almost everything on the net is accessible. I always had an idea this could be a good thing, but until now, had no clue HOW good it gets! :)

Btw, MoNe, exclusively coined for this site (je pense), means mobile-net!

BTW2: My Tech Blog is active again after nearly choking on the oxygen tube. If you've come as far as here, please go that one step ahead and leave a comment there...Techfordummies has been feeling very lonely lately...

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Blogger Sheks said...

Show me the mobile--post a photo of it.I searched in google for the model but I'm getting a number of models.

9:35 pm

Blogger Mahadevan said...

In Malayalam, 'MoNe'is the way of addressing a son.

12:52 pm

Blogger barbi said...

We are missign the mobile revolution. Though everybody has a mobile, not many use it for any value added services or browsing,
they all love just text SMS!

2:41 pm

Blogger Susan Muthalaly said...

Show me also the MoNe

1:52 pm

Blogger TLW said...

Oh Boy...
Been so long away from you...
seems like lot of things happening around here....
Nice !
Whats with going Hi-Tech exclusively ?

10:59 pm

Blogger Prashanth said...

What a fun blog you are running here. And I am fascinated about that Sambu character. I guess I should ask my Tamil friends for English translations or even a reading, in Tamil!

Enjoyed it, thanks

11:24 am

Blogger None said...


vaanga, vanthu paarunga...


o yeah, i know... if u haven't read one of my old stories, the very first ordinary life... try it...


o yeah! that is SO right!


4:33 pm

Blogger None said...


dahlingu, i would lovu to do thatu...

yo tlw! :)

appapo inga vanthu engalaiyellam urchaga paduthunga...! how's life?


hey thanks! i'm hoping to do a translation of saambu... so watch this space! :)


4:36 pm


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