Saturday, June 02, 2007

Movie Mania

I've been watching a whole load of movies these past week, borrowing without judgement, quite indiscrimately, ever since I discovered that a propserous DVD-lending business is being run at office. The difference when you buy is that you keep it to watch for later and perhaps, forget to watch. When you rent a DVD you must watch it within three or four days.

Anyways, the nub of the matter is, movie-wise I've ranged from the sublime to the absurd, and here's how the rollercoaster rose and dropped...

Parattai - Definitely ridiculous. Bad acting, combined with a bad script and bad screenplay. And I'm not even prejudiced that Dhanush looks like a Thundu beedi that picked up a lot of dirt on one end. Also, I haven't seen a crass-er rendition of the Oedipus complex.

Naan Avan Illai - Absurd. Not a patch on the old one, in the Catch Me if You Can, genre. At least Gemini Ganesan, in the original, is better looking than Jeevan. Of course, I dont think both are very strong in the acting department, so then, it becomes a matter of aesthetics! And that was by Director Balachander in his prime. C'est ca!

Anbe Sivam - Sublime. Lifetime role for Madhavan. I'd say Kamal too, but that man has enough talent in him to better himself, constantly. I can watch Anbe Sivam a million times and still be touched every single time. Note to myself: I must BUY the DVD, not rent it anymore.

Trust the Man - A comedy with David Duchovny and Julianne Moore. Hmmm... time pass. And the DVD was a good print. Not many have borrowed this one before me, I guess.

Deja Vu - Sci-fi. Bad print DVD. Denzel Washington plays an ATF (WTF?) agent who goes back in time to save a girl he's fallen in love with in the future and a boat-load of people from a terrorist. The theory is acceptable - that you can fold time and create a bridge between the past and future in the present, but if you die in the past, how can you live in the future? Began watching it with great expectations, but was left thinking: ennagada poo suthareenga?!

The Last King of Scotland - Beautiful. I'd recommend it as a must-watch for movie
buffs. A young doctor from Scotland goes to Uganda on a whim and lands up being the personal physician of Idi Amin, the dictator accused of cannibalism and mass murders. Forrest Whitaker plays Idi Amin, the lines blurring as he moves from being a a fun-loving people's general to one of the most cruel dictators of all time.
O, and check this out as well.

ABC Africa - A documentary by the Iranian film maker Abbas Kiarostami on Ugandan children rendered orphans by AIDS(and/or the various civil wars). It's the usual documentary take on Africa, but for the camera work, which is its biggest credit. It is not a conservative camera, shooting from above or outside of the situation; instead it is inside the community, in their songs, their poverty, their happiness, inside each child who is on screen. We could do with this kind of sensitivity these days, surely!

The Devil Wears Prada - WOW! What a performance- Meryl Streep carries The Devil... on her stately shoulders, right through! She's the boss you'll dread working for, but Anne Hathaway works hard for her approval and fair enough, she gets it. In the process she becomes this really hawt busy woman, but, is this what she wants! If I were not so impressed with Helen Mirren in/as The Queen, I'd have said Streep should have been Uncle Oscar's best actress this year.

Panchathantiram - What a roll! It's hilarious. With Michael Madana Kamarajan and PKS, this is one of my favouritest Crazy Mohan scripted movies. Laugh riot! I seem to laugh every single time I come across that 'Munnadi-Pinnadi' joke! AGain, BUY the DVD.

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Blogger Beautiful Mind said...

It happens like you would get chance to watch a flurry of movies..and suddenly you would forget about movies..but keep pick on your movies..

Not heard of first two movies..I always enjoy watching Anbe Sivam..

Trust the man..comedy...not truly..

Deja Vu..was good..watched all the movies of Denzel.

I wanted to watch "The last king of Scotland" and ABC Africa..

Need to read "Devil wears Prada"'..

All the best..keep it going..

12:54 pm

Blogger RS said...

I absolutely loved "The Devil wears Prada" too! A week after I watched the movie, I was saying "That's all" so many times, it drove my husband crazy :p

6:29 am

Blogger R R R said...

i think parattai never falls on a movie category... ooph!! a bottle of beer i had went for a toss that day!!

7:33 pm

Blogger None said...

beautiful mind,

o yeah, that's the way it is...
yeah, i like denzel washington too... but he's not so smart when he takes off his shirt- anymore. his age, unfortunately, is showing...

as for Trust, sure, its not THAT funny. but that's how its genre is labelled... a comedy.

thanks for coming by!


8:43 pm

Blogger None said...


that's a super idea now! i must use it on my husband as well! y dint i think of it before?! :)

r r r,



8:44 pm

Anonymous krishna shankar said...

Anbe Sivam! My favourite movie, I watched it again (don't know the number) on K TV last friday night holidaying in Thekkady. Not many could not relate to the wonderful concept advocated by 'the' genius -humanity. If you notice carefully 'he' talks about looking inward, a process followed by Sadhus/Rishis. The movie also spells clearly what love means, and what it takes to reach out and share, and most importantly the meaning of selfless dedication. I am 'his' ardent fan and I never get tired talking about this film!

12:18 pm

Blogger G. Pramod Kumar said...

I didnt know that Abbas Kiarostami has made a documentary on AIDS orphans in Africa. Please post some photos as well. Isn't six movies for a film-binge tiring? Perhaps escape from some form of morbidity. Thank god there is piracy that makes this indulgence affordable - Pramod

11:49 am


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