Saturday, October 23, 2004

The Diwali Countdown

Not that this is a decent hour to be doing this kind of thing, with the bad neck I have too. But just testing out my busier half's laptop and had to stop by!
This is the first of the Diwali jokes I've heard this year...

and Surprise! Surprise! it is about Jayalakshmi!

*** Intha Diwali Special release : Jayalakshmi Vedi -- Enga patha vechalum, pakathula irukura
police station la poi vedikum!! ***

This week began bad, what with being ridden with flu etc..., but there should be a better way of
ending it!



Blogger Arul Prasad said...


I am Arul Prasad, from Kanyakumari, working in Bangalore now. of course a software Engineer.

Its been precisely 3 days since I started reading through the blogs of people of ur kind (journos). I had never been to a journo's blog before.. All blogs I used to visit were related to my profession. I do find this part of blogspot a lot intersting.. The way u people use words (of course thats what u are experts in!), the way u describe things, Its all great man, and hats off to all u people out there!

I specifically felt of writing this to u because I am a 'Sagi' too ;-)

Keep up your work.. I expect to be a frequent visitor now on.. :-)

Arul Prasad

2:20 pm

Blogger None said...


fello-blogger and sagittarian, :)thanks for stopping by and reading!


3:36 pm

Blogger None said...

hey arul,

btw, u've restricted access to ur blog. tried getting in, but got booted out...
u cant do this to a fello saggi and blogger!!! :0

1:56 pm

Blogger lazy geek said...

wow. that was a good one on j.lakshmi vedi. too good

2:05 pm


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