Saturday, October 16, 2004

The primal urge - what Durex makes of it

I was wondering if I should do it - add adult content to my otherwise er... sterile blog!
And then I thought maybe Suderman should- atleast it will match the rest of the content on his site!

Finally, I think Inky Pinky Ponky sorted things out...

I..P..P.. decided that l wedge in a link to the Durex Global Sex Survey 2004 results on my blog.
I get this stuff because I write extensively on HIV/AIDS and health issues, but primarily because of HIV. In fact it came through an AIDS ASIA e-group.

Now that i've explained why sex gets into my mail box, go ahead and check this out if you want to... or if you have'nt already!

Durex Global Sex Survey 2004

More than 350,000 people from 41 countries took part in the world's largest ever survey of sexual attitudes and behaviour.
The research confirmed France is now officially the sexiest state with the French having sex 137 times a year - well above the global average of 103 - with Greece and Hungary coming a close second and third. Europeans also win hands down in turning their partners on. Topping the table are the British, who spend 22.5 minutes on foreplay, followed by the Germans. And, in many countries, foreplay is increasingly likely to include such sexual enhancers as pornography, vibrators, pleasure enhancingcondoms and lubricants.
The survey also reveals the average global age for first sex is now 17.7 and the trend is towards losing virginity earlier with today's 16-20 year olds becoming sexually active by 16.5.And while more than three in 10 believe the state should invest in sex education to help prevent sexually transmitted infections, asimilar percentage acknowledge they have had unprotected sex without knowing their partner's sexual history.
Finally, on a lighter note, Hollywood stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie top the sexiest celebrity charts taking over from last year's winners - English footballer David Beckham and Americanactress Jennifer Lopez.



Blogger REFLEX said...

Today I have no much work to do. So I took time to visit few blogs. Jotted comments in one of ur blog ( Karan T vs AMMA ). Have a look at it. I am now in Durex web site.

2:52 pm

Blogger None said...


thanks 4 reading my post and responding... agree with u, in hindsight, thapar still is not my favourite anchor! :)


3:10 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nothing short of perky..this chapter of your blog! ;) Seriously, I've seen the report in todays Ind. Exp. The results also show preference of Indians - i hope participants were honest, given our hypocrisy! But funnily, I remember the report of last year where it said that Singaporeans have the least sex. I couldn't help but guffaw..i mean, they have a picture perfect country, infrastructure/systems that work, a hard working ethic, they make pots of money AND they can't unwind/relax & enjoy 'primal urges' at home? How sad can this be? ;)

6:57 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ack! Sorry, forgot to add my name. Ravi

6:58 pm

Blogger None said...

hey ravi,

did u know? the Singapore government, worried over a falling population growth rate, has declared saturday a holiday for its bureaucrats. or the equivalent of bureaucrats! :)
heard it from the horse's mouth! i mean, a singaporean bureaucrat. extremely embarrassed one!!! :)


8:10 pm

Blogger S.Karthik said...

Don't lie now. How much did Durex pay you to put that link? It was truly hard to resist checking that website. It was also a bit dissapointing that there were no photos. Not even illustrations. :(

10:37 pm

Blogger Suderman said...

Way to go, Ramya!
This post should have been called
What the f***?
And hey, you mean to say that Suderman's posts are pretty er... verile?
Of course! ha ha! :P
Things to do b4 I die: Learn French!

10:59 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Akka (Re:Thambi and all that!) Do you think you could ask your govt. bureaucrat friend in Singapore if he wants to exchange places. Er, i mean, would he like to trade citizenship? :-)))

10:22 am

Blogger Sabs said...

Y go only for global. The local version is out here in You can find a lot of gyaan on the preferences of a reddy,naik,singh.....

5:16 pm

Blogger None said...


well, i dont know if ur site is verile, perhaps, virile...but i really dont know! :))
but like i said, u've gt to put Those Four Letter Words
on my site!!!


5:32 pm

Blogger None said...

dear anon,

thanks for response. i dont think the singapore walllah is considering swapping citizenship! bad for u.
but who is anon?


5:39 pm

Blogger virdi said...

i was just curious. did they do survey in the tribal regions of andaman and nicobar islands? where the people have nothing to do other than eating leaves and ....... i think this survery is crap.
let me also do a survery and say that the female ants are the species that are most hot in the universe because the ant gives birth to more than 20 billion baby ants in its life time.
BTW who cares if people in France have more sex? the people are still dying in somalia and there is no food in nigeria and Bush thinks Iraq is his backyard.
comon people open your eyes, join and NGO and make use of your weekend other than hitting Bike & Barrel and Leather Bar every saturday-sunday.
well ur blog was just to read and thanks for the info. nothing personal, ramya.
happy blogging.

5:42 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Arrggh! Sorry again, Ramya. Omitted to include my name again..methinks I should get a 'dummy' blogspot account, just so! :) Ravi

6:32 pm


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