Saturday, October 09, 2004

Ah! The New Look!

I simply love this blogging thingie more and more. Initially a reluctant visitor, I'm now addicted - I need my blog fix everyday. And guess what? I seem to find the time allright!
If you dont write, you can change the format. Get a new skin. Like moulting, or morphing. Awesome.
Check out my new skin then, resplendent in Amma-inspired green!
Btw, can inspired/experienced bloggers tell me how to get more people to look at my blog and comment too! ;)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The new look is nice and fresh! :-)

Well, to start with, tell as many people as you can about your blog. And make sure you keep your blog current. There's nothing like coming back to a blog looking forward to something to read and finding the cupboard bare.

Alternatively, you might want to try a service like Blogrolling and Blogsnob.

I have you on my Blogrollalready! See the list of links on the left. :-)


6:58 pm

Blogger Jimmy said...

Being far away in London news from home and amma is hot stuff. keep it going. i like

7:16 pm

Blogger None said...

thanks, drive blogger. much appreciate thy tips.

9:36 pm

Blogger None said...

drive blogger,
thanks for the tip, mate. truly appreciate that...


9:48 pm

Blogger Suderman said...

Tell me about it!
Ha ha!
Neat layout...
And hey, are reading my stuff? I'm so addicted Im updating every night... Being on nite shift helps u know... Hmmm...Missing Reporting? ;)

1:47 am

Blogger None said...

hey, jimmy?

thanks! but, jimmy?


12:21 pm

Blogger None said...


dint know ur blog add. just got it on gmail today. will read it. and yes, i'm missing reporting. but HUSH!


12:23 pm

Blogger H.R.M. Queen of the Universe said...

I also suggest blogrolling or blogsnob. Good luck on your studies. Education is importanct for women.

12:27 pm


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