Sunday, October 10, 2004

Cambridge Chronicles...

What have I got to do with Cambridge?

Apart from loving the place entirely, which most people I know do, I was actually in Cambridge for three simply splendid months of my life. In the spring of 2002.
More preceisely: I was a Press Fellow at Wolfson College, University of Cambridge, UK. The youngest and most 'cosmopolitan' college at Cambridge. But then, I jump ahead of the story.
In three months, I wrote home about Cambridge, about its people, its history, its greenery, its sheep and bank holidays. Like rambling, travel sort of pieces. But it kept me going - I had fun writing and some people had fun reading!
Also, this is my way of taking Driveblogger's advice to keep putting something new on it everyday, so it will refresh those who stumble by.
Okay. Of course, I'm cheating a bit, cos I'm just putting online what I've already written. Go ahead, sue me! :))
This series is going to be like an epistolary novella... in letter form throughout. Since I wrote it that way, I think it is better to retain it that way. I might may some modifications to ensure that things dont sound very outdated or very rude (believe me, the original can make you blush!!).
And then, advantage is you can stop reading when you want to. Isn't it?!



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