Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The Veerappan milestone

In the history of Tamil Nadu, as it will be written, we will read of pre-Veerappan and a post- Veerappan periods. In his death, as in life, Veerappan seems to charter entire news pages.
Suderman, dead men do tell tales...

The Hindu is carrying a special Veerappan page (pg 12) tomorrow.

I shall keep this short, yes. After 20 years, we've trapped Koose Munuswamy Veerappan, but I did think it would be STF commander K.Vijay Kumar who would do it, if it were ever to be done.




Blogger Ravi said...

Somehow, the R.I.P seems inappropriate here, methinks. (Unless, you meant the same for Mr. Vijay Kumar - as a respite from daily/weekly reports to Amma. Ok, just kidding!) I know Stephanie deserves to R.I.P & all those innocent people who's lives are snuffed out in a flash, for no fault of theirs! For Veerapan and the atrocities he committed, here's my take for him - Rest In Piece(s)! ;)

9:28 pm

Blogger Kiruba Shankar said...

I get a feeling, once all euphoria is over, that Vijay Kumar will be "transferred" for the work he has done. I mean, how can this guy spoil the earnings of all those politicians who have been feeding off Veerappan !!

7:00 am

Blogger REFLEX said...

Visit my blog and that may be the comment for this.

10:07 am

Blogger None said...


when i said r.i.p. i meant the issue is now, hopefully, laid to rest. not veerappan or vijay kumar...the hills are free again...


3:56 pm

Blogger None said...


well, i guess this time, everybody is happy. j because she always wanted to hunt down V and K because, he probably wd have been in a soup had V been caught alive.
the buzz is that vijay Kumar is coming back to the city as DGP(a promotion from adgp), maybe law and order, or something better! the road ahead's good for the smart IPS officer (even with his tonsure!)


4:02 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aha! Understood now! :) Ravi

4:20 pm

Blogger S.Karthik said...

Hi Ramya,
You know what I really wanted to discuss on my blog yesterday: How Sun News stooped to trivialise the shooting down of Veerappan. True the channel has an agenda but to see that idiot Felix Jerald talking to some Human Rights activist got my goat. I was pissed off and I went to see "7G Rainbow Colony" and something else Got my Goat there. You know what. Actually yesterday was a total Got My Goat day for me. All that goat talk has me craving for Mutton Biryani now :)

4:25 pm

Blogger Rama The Drama said...

Yippee!STF finally caught Veerappan,the 60 year old,blind,diabetic and other unknown undiagnosed diseased guy on the way to 'supposedly' hospital!And they shot the entire gang(the remaining 3 guys in lungi ofcourse) of most-dreadful-Veerappan which has been terrorizing the hills with an intensive sandalwood smuggling for over 20yrs!Kudos to all ;)

10:13 am


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