Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The long and short of it...

This one is dedicated to my friend who thinks my blog is longandboringandrecommendsthatiwriteshorterpieces.


Its amazing how I could have, even for a moment, imagined
that I could be the lady and mistress of my blog. Merely weeks
into blogging, I already have these surrogate sub-editors pouring
over my copy spilling red ink! I guess they are with me to STAY.

Sometimes I wonder if free will is all bunkum...

Also, since I take criticism well :), I shall endeavour to keep my posts
er... shorter!

May the (short) force be with all of us!



Blogger Ravi said...

Hmmmmmm *Ravi mulling to himself* maybe there's a lesson for all of us bloggers! :)

9:31 pm

Blogger Suderman said...

i had an aunty telling me that too!
am i not glad that she's not all my readership! he he!
ramya, ppl dont realise that the thing with blogs is that we journalists dont do it for readers, we do it mostly for ourself!
maybe u shd tell ur friend that if u were doing it to win fans, you'd use the newspaper which has a circulation of 13 lakh (1.3 million) copies, and an estimated readership of close to 3 million readers...
and u dint tell me u were tying up ppl to make them read ur blog and threatening to shoot their brains off, as I do? :P he he!

10:45 pm


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