Thursday, February 22, 2007


I hate being not given an option. For instance, while I'd like to sign in with old Blogger, it no longer is possible. I've just been rudely shoved out of my old Blogger login and forced to sign in with Gmail everytime.
My point is, if I want to sign in with Gmail, then won't I? When you make it possible for me to do that, why take away my right to sign in as I'm used to. What's in a name, what does it matter how I sign. Technology, I thought, was meant to enlarge your options, not shrink them.

I've been away too long...

*** *** ***

I've finished reading Sacred Games by Vikram Chandra, the Inheritance of Loss by Kiran Desi and I'm reading Orhan Pamuk's Istanbul. Again, things have changed, it's not as if I can pick up a book and forget the world. There are household chores and then, there is work. I get only to read in snatches, but those snatches have been very good. Sacred Games is racy and clever, Desai's attention to detail makes her an author after my own heart and I rather like Pamuk's melacholic nostalgia. I've seldom read anyone write with such feeling about a city.

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If you want a good read, then check out Pramod's. Even before I linked up, I knew I'd enjoy it.

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