Thursday, October 11, 2007

In Law, In Line - 4

When they found her body washed up on the shore, the sun was just rising in the Bay of Bengal. The orange orb was spilling gold on the sky, the sea and even the sands of the Bay; it seemed as if she was a bloated statuette of gold.
About the same time as the police picked her shimmering corpse from the shores,her husband woke up to an empty space beside him on the bed. A hand-written note weighed down by her blue comb sat smugly where she should have been. Her familiar scrawl in black staring as a death note at him:"I can never ask my father to give me a 50-sovereign gold chain so that your sister can get married." Her husband noticed that the last word was slightly blotched; the ink had spread a dull grey.

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Anonymous Aravind said...

wow! that was pretty powerful... nice blog u have here.

2:29 am

Blogger hari said...

Hi Ramya,
Sad that its still happening in our society, the class notwithstanding. Only the degree of savageness varies from crudely uncivilised to intellectually subtle.

12:42 pm

Blogger None said...

aravind, hey, thanks! appreciate u leaving a comment!

hari, it's savage allright. let's not look for gradations...


3:42 pm

Anonymous drragonn said...

Idhu nijam alla kadhaya...serial subtitle

Myriad colors of society (crude...

Evolution begins from her....

Still she ignores to inculcate a +ve mindset...

Blame whom????


7:28 pm

Anonymous Ravi said...

What a sad story, Akka. Only yesterday, me and a cousin were discussing about this issue and its addressing in our community!

6:06 pm

Anonymous Vivek said...

I hope this was not a true story :(

2:40 pm

Blogger Nandhu said...

i didnt get the title and the number!

8:01 pm

Blogger None said...

drragonn, i think blaming's the easy part. takes much more to get rid of something like this...
happy diwali to you!

Ravi, hey thambi, how you doing. Wish you and the wife and the brat pack a happy diwali this year.

Vivek, this is fiction, but it could be right out of life. unfortunately!

Nandu,its a series of short stories. check the link telling tales if you care to.


4:46 pm

Anonymous dragonn said...

happy diwali...

I felt when there is light why do you search it in dark...

A women plays multiple roles in life
so why not in any one of the roles???

Maybe am wrong......

11:29 am

Blogger subramani said...

The evil called dowry is killing so many innocent people, there are only two ways to stop this,

1) Women should get empowered, study well, get jobs and demand that they will only marry a person who deosn't demand dowry.

2) Young men need to stand up against their parents and realtives and say "Stop the nonsense, I can't convert my marraige into Business, stop that idiotic dowry business"

4:49 pm

Blogger Sathej said...

Back to your blog after a long time...Been a little held up.
Thats a touching post...Social evils are indeed attaining monstrous proportions today.
Please keep writing...

12:12 am

Blogger Glocalindia said...

"Her husband noticed that the last word was slightly blotched"...

Touchy construction...


2:39 pm

Blogger None said...

Dragonn, thankfully there is no wrong out here!

Subramani, bravo! it can also happen when the man tells his parents/relatives that he wont take a penny as dowry!

Sathej, welcome! i haven't been here much too! So no hassle! :)

Benny, thanks for ur comment!


4:29 pm

Blogger minus23degrees said...

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12:14 pm

Blogger PRAVEEN CHANDAR said...

hi Ramya,

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11:54 pm

Blogger Harish Suryanarayana said...

Fantastic writing ! And it hit the spot !


12:49 am

Blogger Shravan said...

hey superb writing!! Ppl interested pls check out my blog too am a new blogger... pl gimme tips too

8:48 pm

Blogger Sathej said...

Really long time since an update. Keep writing.

12:57 pm

Anonymous Sundar said...

Hai Ramya,

Nice to refresh mind bit back and come back to normal .Keep in touch.

Many Thanks,


12:31 pm


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