Monday, June 25, 2007


Murphy's Law states that if you go from C to B to escape the heat of C, chances are when you are in B, C gets cool and some rains. It also follows that when you come back from holiday, C is no longer cool.



Blogger TLW said...


am getting burnt up here too :-( !!

BTW, do u know anything abt The HINDU Metroplus Theater Fest'07 like when it is happening...

I will leave u a message in flickr. check it.

8:39 pm

Blogger None said...

hey, dunno about the fest, but sure can find out for u... will check flickr too...


3:29 pm

Blogger Sathej said...

The weather is not so bad now here in Chennai, after all!But,yes Murphy's law, in all its forms, is out to inconvenience all of us!

11:57 am

Blogger Saloni Ramachandiran said...

That's a neat blog there!
Liked it & have added it to my "Blogs I Visit" list.....

Keep rocking!

4:16 pm

Blogger kS said...

Hey Ramya,

I am returning to India for 2 months, arriving in Chennai on July 8th morning. Will be in town for at least a week before heading to trichy. Would love to catch up with you.

Could you email me your contact info?


12:19 am

Blogger None said...


too late, today, the weather's been bad again... so like an oven... feels worse after those weeks of coolness!


hey thanks! tried to comment on ur site, but strangely it kept booting me out! :(


hey, that's good. tried sendign u a mail, but it bounced... u changed ids? dyu have a gmail id?

2:39 pm

Blogger Sathej said...

Very true.Now back to the same old cauldron!Hope rains come back soon!

11:19 am

Blogger Mahadevan said...

In ten days, we had over 1000 mm. rain, perhaps a little more than Chennai's annual rainfall. In Mumbai, Parkinson Law prevails. Municipal works expand, so as to fill up the time available for their completion.

2:17 pm

Blogger None said...


now, more than ever!


Yeah, it unbelievable what extremes this country can put up with...


12:15 pm


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