Thursday, October 11, 2007

In Law, In Line - 4

When they found her body washed up on the shore, the sun was just rising in the Bay of Bengal. The orange orb was spilling gold on the sky, the sea and even the sands of the Bay; it seemed as if she was a bloated statuette of gold.
About the same time as the police picked her shimmering corpse from the shores,her husband woke up to an empty space beside him on the bed. A hand-written note weighed down by her blue comb sat smugly where she should have been. Her familiar scrawl in black staring as a death note at him:"I can never ask my father to give me a 50-sovereign gold chain so that your sister can get married." Her husband noticed that the last word was slightly blotched; the ink had spread a dull grey.

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