Saturday, September 22, 2007

Cable wars

If you ask my cable guy, he'd probably tell you that I'm a totally evil person. And if you ask me, even if you don't, I'd say he's the most odious vermin that ever suffered to crawl upon earth. In addition to being immeasurably evil.

He is rude, uncouth, abusive (verbally, of course), tells lies and has no idea of customer service. Probably why I told him to go away the last time when he started a quarrel in characteristic style right at the begining of the coversation. I felt extremely justified in telling him what I have wanted to - for a really long while- I told him to vanish cos I don't like the look of his face. I followed that up with the line, "Cut my connection, go on, do it.Don't ever come back here again."

And then I had the pleasure of seeing him blanche.

He's probably responsible for getting new connections and keeping old ones intact in the area. And what with the cable boat being steadily rocked by technology that is at least one light year ahead of it (DTH), the aforesaid rude, uncouth, unfriendly cable guys are all scrambling madly for business, to keep old customers if not make new.

Well, there's at least one he has lost, now. Truth to tell, I might not have followed up on the Tata Sky offer had the blighter not complained to my stouter half about how I was "shouting at him." That kind of sealed it. In what can be termed the fastest-ever market survey on television transmission technology, I analysed all options available and decided Tata Sky was the best for me. All other things being more or less equal, I think BBC Entertainment swung Tata Sky in my face.

When you can swing things, they really work fast. In about half a day, I had my Tata Sky running with a two-month compliment package, extendable to a month after.And as far as programming technology goes, Tata Sky is light years ahead of the CAS that we are used to.

So that changes a few things in my life. My cable guy probably still thinks I'm evil. But at least I don't have to look at his odious face anymore. And what's better, with Tata Sky, I dont have to meet any other possibly odious cable guy, because I can recharge on telephone or on the net. Yaaaay!