Thursday, October 28, 2004

Niche Blogs

Talk about niche blogs...

Just discovered that my badminton-crazy friend has spent time, energy and money on Check out Dev's site if you are similarly inclined!

We already know about Drive Blogger's 'auto' site, Suderman's own movie site and Karthik's attempt at paying homage to one of the best movies ever made- Thillana Mohanambal.

Any one heard of anything else niche? I'm quite intrigued. So, let us hear!

May the Force be with all of us...



Blogger Shyam said...

Rums, there are hundreds of "niche" blogs, as you call it :) Gimme a little time to collect a few and add them to yours

2:27 pm

Blogger Pavithra said...

Would a blog on travel count as 'niche' blog? 'Cause I have one: http:/ It's in Tamil, though. On the other hand, there's one in English here: :-)))

I *am* a travel nut:-))

2:45 pm

Blogger hari said...

Hi Ramya,
I am definitely trying to make niche one out of my blog, though you might call it a tall order by my standards, but then there is nothing wrong in having an ambition.

Anyway I will surely keep you informed when i find one, other than mine. By the way can you please guide me as to how did you manage to establish this link menu. I am an computer illiterate, so u need to be quite specific. An e-mail would be of great help.

3:32 pm

Blogger None said...


I considered ur Shangri la, but wasnt sure. Of course a travel blog is unique. and thanks for the other link!
me a travel buff too...


4:24 pm

Blogger None said...

what's ur email id?
i got the links up in a rather convoluted way.there is a much simpler way, i'm told. Sign up with and jsut follow instructions. They will give u a short code that you can install in the template of ur blog.
For template, you go to the dashboard of ur blog and click on template. Just insert the code the blog roll gives u in the sidebar segment of ur blog. and hey presto! you have ur own linking park! :)


4:29 pm

Blogger hari said...

I also got enrolled to the blogrolling, but i just did not know where to insert their code and my template does not have built in link menu.
If you can help me your way, my e-mail ID is:

5:17 pm

Blogger Shyam said...

Enough niche blogs in there to please anybody, Rums :)

1:04 am

Blogger hari said...

Hi Ramya,
thanks for your prompt e-mail. I will try it out and inform you about the result.

By the I found a niche blogsite, one dedicated to the world of movies. you maybe interested. it is :

2:28 pm

Blogger arvindiyer said...

hey there...stumbled upon ur blog..Interesting place and well gr8 read too:) will drop in more often and well talkin bout niche blogs..The TRUTH IS OUT THERE>.tons of 'em..
take care and have a nice weekend:)Peace

5:52 pm

Blogger None said...

thanks arvind! ur most welcome to stop by anytime!

6:15 pm

Blogger arvindiyer said...

Hmmm...did I hear u say cheers:) heheheh..So u from chennai eh? Just saw that. talk to u sometime on YM. Peace

8:26 pm

Blogger Paul said...

Blogs are a blast....So is my niche clothing site. Check it out for yourself niche clothing

12:46 am


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