Thursday, March 09, 2006


The BlankNoise Project

sitting on a yellow rickshaw seat
red-faced girl
clutches new pink frock
as a brown hand
lifts blue lungi
slowly, deliberately.



Blogger IBH said...

true and sad! and it is very disturbing RK....have been affected myself and i know the pain!

8:53 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

shudder...everytime i read some such thing, i want to run and hug my baby...and hold her close and safe...why is the world so cruel? and there are moments, believe me, when i feel we just cant do anything...there are too many perverts out there, and too few voices protesting...

9:19 pm

Blogger Houseowner said...


everyone, every girl, has faced this at one point of time or the other...
it's true.


10:09 pm

Blogger Houseowner said...


it is scary, very. a friend's young daughter was very recently accosted on her way to the swimming pool... shudder...

10:11 pm

Blogger twip said...

God! Ramya that was chilling......
but it got the point across.
loved it.

11:10 pm

Blogger capriciously_me said...

i dont like to hear the truth...its soooo sad :(

8:59 am

Blogger Houseowner said...


very chilling. it happened, you know. I saw it, a rickshaw-wallah and a little child he would ferry everyday. I could shout at him then, but did that make a difference to that little girl?
i wish it dint happen. i wish none of this ever happened.


3:19 pm

Blogger Houseowner said...


me neither.or even talk. but that's part of the reason why it happens so often. blanknoiseproject is a great idea, methinks!


6:14 pm

Blogger Houseowner said...


very very upsetting. warped basic instinct.


6:15 pm

Blogger Bunky Jumping Pundit said...

that is very very upsetting....they should be shot like pigs!!! crazy people on earth...stay away....oh my god!!!

3:36 pm

Blogger J said...

its very powerful. upsets me as i read it.

thankyou for sharing

12:09 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even though I have heard similar stories, this one un-nerves me and is spine chilling. Bastards!

5:54 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If someone tried this with my little one, I can assure you that he can forget his so-called 'manhood'!!
The S.O.B's...this kind of deterrent ought to be made into a law, if you ask me.
Unfortunately, our lawmakers are themselves bereft!

7:54 pm

Blogger VHS said...

Disturbing. How sad that this can be true :(

8:04 pm

Blogger Unknown said...

just brings back a rush of memories... many many memories...
tell me Ramya what is the BlankNoise project all about...I read thro your link but didnt sorta gather the jist...

8:17 pm

Blogger Unknown said...

i got it!!! sorry for being so short sighted!

8:25 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I work as a paediatrician and saw a similar child brought to my attention.i wanted to make a formal complaint, but the parents ran away with their child and i didnt have a proper address to file it, that 7 year olds cry is still echoing in my heart. i will probably take it to my grave

8:53 pm

Blogger hari said...

Whats this Ramya. Are we really living in a civilised society. Its indeed nerve wrecking.

I suppose Ravi and for that matter the Middle East countries have the correct answer to these evils. Sometimes I really feel Tsunami was after all not such a bad thing to happen to us, it was only nature's means of cleaning our sins or say the sinners among and within us. Disgusting, I say.

10:46 am

Blogger Houseowner said...


appalling and true.


which is why i think blank noise is a great idea and that it should come to chennai as well. when you are ready.


2:15 pm

Blogger Houseowner said...


man, dint know you had a blog. you are right, there are bastards. where you least expect them to be. they mostly creep out from corners


7:04 pm

Blogger Houseowner said...


in my dotage, i'm becoming a pacifist, but i totally agree with you. it is the thing.


7:06 pm

Blogger Houseowner said...


it is the stuff of memories of girls grown up in urban, semi-urban india. i'm willing to be all women have a tale or two to narrate.


7:09 pm

Blogger Houseowner said...


it is unfortunate people do not want to help themselves or their children. but don't persecute yourself. you tried, see.


7:10 pm

Blogger Houseowner said...


i agree with the punishment, but i don't know about the tsunami. was it cleansing? cleansing whom?


7:13 pm

Blogger hari said...


Looking at such evils happening around us, I really feel it was a kind of cleansing, cleansing the sinners and the sins within us.

8:48 am

Blogger Manoj said...

woah. Nice writing. Sent chills thru' me. Whats white? BTW. Cdn't understand that. Does it mean the little one fainted?

3:21 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How true, how true. Just that the pink frock can morph into blue jeans and yellow rickshaw seat can morph into front seat of a car.

6:30 pm

Blogger Houseowner said...


o.k.! :)


thanks. white for pain, white blanking out innocence.




9:10 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

pathetic is the word we all are looking for...

12:44 am

Blogger Houseowner said...


yes, pathetic and a whole load of other expletives i've left out of this blog, because it is sanitised.


1:47 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have put it so simply, yet powerfully. Just to share my own thoughts on two subjects that bloggers have discussed here, I set up a blog only today:

12:04 am

Blogger aachpach said...

I was looking for an article that you had written for the blank noise project. It was about your exp. with sexual harrasement and how young girls think etc. I really liked that blog and am trying to find almost sure it was written by you...cud u pls. send me the link if so?
thnx in advance!

1:14 am


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