Wednesday, January 05, 2005

TV- the good, bad and ugly!

I dint think there would be, but I now realise that there are two severe limitations to bringing home a Sony Wega Trinitron 29 ".
No, one of them is not the money you spend on that gorgeous talking machine. After all, you've planned that in advance, taking advantage of 'Puthandu thallupadi'. And then factor in the poor sales person turning all his charm and, at the end of the day, not so pleasant odours on you - offering prices you dint imagine you could get and deals that you never thought you could push through.
Plus, talk about 'paisa vasool', you've never felt it like when you've brought home that kind of technology. WOW!
But, there are disadvantages too...
Like, when you bring wonder monster home, suddenly, your living room shrinks up. Where did all that space go? Now you feel like tearing down the house and building one that would live up honourably not only to the Sony, but the Wega and Trinitron as well. That's disadvantage number 1.
Disadvantage number 2, when you switch on the TV after a long, tiresome day at work. And a channel comes up that is playing a Vijayakanth movie. Talk about inopportune moments - one would be a close up shot of "Pure Gold Captain Vijayakanth", when you are not prepared for it. **thwack**
I'm still recovering from that shock!



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