Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Kids say the darnest things...

My cousin turned seven last week. And I missed it. To compensate, I decided to buy her something that she'd really like. I did think of a cycle, but her dad said it was his domain. So what could I get that was close? Hm... A pair of roller skates.
Good idea, eh? I thought I was really clever.
So I had it wrapped up in a small box and then popped it and said "GUESS!"
I said she could hold it, feel it and shake it, but she had to say what was in before she opened it. This is how the conversation went:

Vidya (my cousin): Is it a cycle?
Me: How can a cycle get into this? No. Think.
Vidya: Hmmm... Barbie?
Me: Barbie? This heavy? Nah!
Vidya: How many guesses do I have?
ME: Well, you have one more left.
Vidya: Give me a clue...
ME: Even in your wildest dreams you cannot imagine what is in the box.
Vidya: Then... is it a tiger?
Me: WHAT??!!!!!!! How did you come up with that one?
Vidya: YOU said WILD dream.

I was left wondering who had got the better of this conversation.

P.S.:Oh, she loved the skates!!



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