Thursday, December 09, 2004

Ye gads!

Imagine spinning a story around a coke bottle and keeping you
rivetted to the screen too...especially,when:
a. The main character speaks in a series of clicks and clacks you cannot understand.
b. The first fifteen minutes of a movie is a proper documentary.
c. The voice over which continues, fortunately or unfortunately, throughout the movie is a total DOCUMENTARY voice.
d. You just about figure out when the documentary ends and the story begins... and get confused again with the VOICE.
e. When it does not look like a documentary, it could well be a cartoon picture.

We could actually list many more reasons if we put our heads together. But THE GODS MUST BE CRAZY is a roll, despite everything, or perhaps, because of everything!

Which is why everytime I see the movie, I enjoy it immensely! Besides being an hour and a half full of laughs, the bumbling elephant dung collector Andrew Steyn, the show off philanderer Jack Hind, the suave yet out-of-place Kate Thompson, the outside-rebel Sam Boga are interestingly set against the calm, collected, sometimes puzzled bushman Xixo with clarity of purpose.

And despite the endearing nature of Steyn's love for Kate, Hind's fancy BIG BUS(!), the bluster of Boga, what says in your mind is Xixo's simple single track mind- to chuck the coke bottle off the end of the earth. Or rather, he wants to keep his small community-family of bushmen somewhere in the Kalahari happy and united.

Director Jamie Uys (did you know he plays the Reverend in the beginning of the movie - the man who sends Steyn to pick Kate from er... wherever!) ensures that civilisation loses against the bush, man loses against bushman.

Hmmmm...Like Steyn would say, " interesting psychological phenomenon!"



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