Sunday, January 23, 2005


I'm wondering if I'll ever hear the sound of silence anymore.

To me, now it means, a world without mobile phone tones going off in the next cabin, in the next seat, in the next ear, oops, in MY ear.
It wouldn't matter so much if they all sounded like they make you want to dance. I remember, some years ago, when a colleague brought the first polyphonic phone into office, all of us would stop work for a while and listen to it ring. We'd even tell him not to pick up the phone, so we could hear it some more! :)
But, either its all blase now, or standards have rapidly fallen. Some tones make you wish you were profoundly deaf at birth.
Like I heard one today that sounded like a song women wearing wet- yellow - saris sing as they dance over hot coals, their hair askew as they wave neem leaves in front of the camera. Did I say at temples? If you have'nt seen that one yet, or heard it, just try an 'Amman' tamil movie.
They seem to have a rather skewed effect on certain polyphonic phones. My skin burst out spontaneously in hives as I listened to that one.
Most annoying are the phones that are set on maximum volume, though their lunatic owners are not hearing impaired. And they ring only when a meeting is going on or when some one is observing two minutes silence for tsunami victims. Obviously the non-hearing-impaired owners are not aware that the monstrosity they carry in their hands can be set to vibrate silently.
Hold on... I think my phone's ringing. A.R.Rahman's Ghanan Ghanan from Lagaan. I'm going to let her ring cause I thoroughly love this tune! :)

So tell, what tune excites your mobile phone....


I was right about the matrix. It does not give you signals in vain.
I just lost my cellphone. Some one not so nice (who has it now) has apparently switched it off, which means he/she has no intention of returning it. :(
Well, three nasty things have already happened to me. Hope it stops with this. After all, there were only three deja vus.



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