Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Tinker, tailor, soldier, COP

Yesterday, we saw the police beat up a man on the streets.
Right outside the office, when we had gone down to have a cup of masala chai. Two cops in mufti and one in uniform were beating up a guy who was dressed in rags, obviously mentally ill, holding close to his chest a dirtier jute bag. Incidentally, I had noticed him as we walked down and remember thinking, poor guy, mentally ill and no where to go.
Obviously, the cops thought differently. They grabbed him by his frayed collar, hit him with a lathi, repeatedly, dragged him down - all to make him open his bag.
The guy was in tears, touching and kissing the well-polished boots of that arrogant policeman who held in a vice grip, claiming he was innocent. The cops were in no mood to hear: And finally the bag the man had held close to his chest tumbled open in the melee. A bunch of audio tapes fell out. You should have seen that khaki-clad man's face- disappointment. He probably was hoping he would be able to book the poor bastard 'for suspicious behaviour' (santhega case, for those who know tamil). Realising there was no booty in it for them, the policeman in mufti pushed the man away- abusing him one last time.
All the while, hardly a few inches away, a drunkard was lying stone drunk on the road, completely oblivious to everything that was happening.
You know when I got really angry? When the guy in mufti called out to a peanut vendor to pour out some water so he could wash his hands. Like the guy he had just attacked was 'achuth'.

If i ever had to decide again, I'd rather be tinker, tailor or even soldier, never COP.



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